Do you follow back?
We’d love to, but it’s impossible to on a group blog.

I love your work! Who draws all of this?
Everything posted here has been either reblogged or submitted. As for our personal art… well, you’ll just have to dig around! :)

Can you promote me?
We do not promote any more because we get this too much :( Feel free to promote yourself, however, by creating art in your own Moleskine and submitting that to us!

How many followers do you have?
Just a few thousand. There’s no point in giving out a number because it’s always fluctuating.

Why do you only accept Moleskine work? Why not just any art in general?
Simple, really: we like art and we like Moleskines—therefore we created a blog for people who share the same interests. No, we are not affiliated with the official Moleskine company.

When will my submission be posted?
It really ranges anywhere between a week and a month, so there isn’t a definite answer to this?

Why wasn’t/weren’t my submission(s) posted?
Did your submission follow the submission guidelines? Really, the guidelines aren’t posted there for our health (our sanity, maybe).

Are you sure you didn’t just miss the actual post? We do have a high volume of posts.

What’s the best all-purpose Moleskine? I was thinking it might be this one but I’m not sure, because there are just SO MANY. Also, what are the “original” Moleskines? Because there’s soft cover ones and hard cover ones and Cahier and Volant and I can’t even tell the difference. D: So, help, please?
To us, the best all-purpose Moleskine would be the sketchbook. Since it has the thickest paper which is great for writing, drawing, AND painting (tempera, acrylic, etc.)

The standard Moleskine: Soft cover, lightweight acid-free paper, a foldable inner pocket in the back cover, a cloth ribbon attached to the spine to serve as a bookmark, a woven elastic band, and an “In case of loss, please return to:” page.

Softcover ones were created so you can put them in your pocket.

Hardcover, for durability.

Volants have the cover like the standard Moleskines—stitched sets of pages glued together.

Cahiers are just pages stitched together once (showing in the spine) wrapped in cardboard. Also it doesn’t have the “In case of loss, please return to:” page.

I know moleskines are typically pretty small, do you know the largest size they manufacture? I’ve searched but haven’t had much luck, so many different varieties! I want the biggest kind of sketchbook that’ll hold paint.
The one you’re searching for is the Moleskine Folio Sketch A3 Notebook (11.75 x 16.5 inches)!

“Each Folio journal is produced with the highest standards and quality materials. Each Folio has paper to match its use, whether it’s for writing, sketching, drawing, watercolor, painting or storage. In addition to high-quality paper, the paper in Moleskine Folio Books is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified using paper from well-managed forests, controlled sources, and recycled wood or fiber.”

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Just started following you guys, I’ve only recently gotten into Moleskines. All I have is a ” plain pocket reporter” for doodles, what do you guys recommend?
To each his/her own!

There are so many different kinds + sizes. They’re all pretty awesome because they’re acid-free. Which means they last forever! (Given that you store them in a fairly moderate temperature and humidity)

However, we think the most purchased for drawing/sketching/etc are the ones below:

Sketchbook is perfect for drawings/sketches/tempera colors ‘cause it’s made with top quality heavy paper.

Watercolour Notebook is made specifically for watercolours (Heavy 200-gram cold-pressed paper.

Squared Notebook — The grid helps for typography/drawing to scale

But yea, you can basically draw on any of em, even the calendar..automatically adding some sort of uniqueness to your art.

Try them all out to find the perfect one for you :)

Do you know where in the uk one can buy moleskine sketch books? As in what stores, rather than online.

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