Anonymous asked: Does anyone else use their moleskine as a second wallet?

Posted by uzbekisam
1 year ago on 03/12/13 at 12:44am
  1. pencilskecht answered: YES.
  2. tattooed-everything answered: yey! I use it for it in long travels and also to save money !
  3. ratfarm answered: I buy groceries/supplie sonce a month and use the MOleskine for my lists/prices and keep a credit card sized calculator in the pocket.
  4. deep-in-my-skin answered: Me, all the time…
  5. hereonspacemountain answered: Yes! When I carry a larger amount of money than usual I use my moleskine as an extra wallet
  6. remedial-cure said: Yus. Absolutely. Good to know I’m not alone in the world….
  7. pukeandcandy answered: Nope :c
  8. ekatearcher answered: Yes yes !
  9. lackofabetterword answered: my moleskine IS my wallet
  10. madhatterrr answered: actually more as an “everythingpocket”
  11. starnight131 answered: yes. i stash extra money in my moleskin
  12. shallowshivers answered: of course!
  13. marianaquieresercancion answered: Of course!
  14. piratedormouse answered: Not regularly, but I’ve definitely used it to stash ID, debit card, and cash before if my wallet won’t fit in my current bag.
  15. quirky-chowder answered: Me!
  16. seeking-virtue answered: This post just reminded me I have $5 emergency dollars in there! :DDD
  17. copykatbat answered: yup
  18. hmsassbutt answered: Haha! Thought I was the only on
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  20. itslizzietime said: YES hahaha, thought I was the only one!
  21. christ-fuck answered: yes. absolutely.
  22. manfishinc answered: All the time.
  23. whiskey-highs answered: yeeeees
  24. hotcoffeethermos answered: YES!
  25. bumhooler answered: They always get destroyed in my pocket! I now stick them in my wallet.