Your submission may and will be rejected if it is unclear whether or not it was done in a Moleskine. Do not submit it again.

On that note, do not re-submit submissions. It can and most likely will take some time for your submission to be posted.
Additionally, instead of mass-submitting all of your art at once, please submit them separately (for example, one or two a day). Do not submit more than five works per week or they will all be rejected..
If you are tagging your image, please tag it correctly and appropriately.
If you would like your image to credit or link back to you, be sure to include that in your submission.
We may crop your submission and share it on Instagram @fuckyeahmoleskines to promote your artwork. If you do not want this to happen, do not submit anything.

If you are looking for a “moleskine exchange” partner, please submit a work done in your own moleskine and include that you are looking for an exchange partner in the description of your submission.
Alternatively, you may also browse the moleskine exchange tag for any potential exchangers.

We will not tag your post, edit your post, or credit you for your submission if you do not do so yourself.

If you are submitting an image via URL, do not submit it if the image is hosted on Facebook; there are currently some errors with the image not showing up properly.

Please do not submit images that are not your own, as the original artists may not want the image(s) posted.

Currently, there is a glitch where adding a click-through link can cause the ‘submit’ button to disappear. You may opt to put your URL in the image description box instead.
A suggestion: “I encountered that problem, but solved it by just zooming out (about 80%). It doesn’t make it disappear, just puts it in the hidden overflow.”

Do NOT press the ‘submit’ button more than twice! We assure you, your submission is received with only one click. It will look like nothing’s happening, but that’s natural. Just wait.