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the red book : entry 42 - graphite moleskine entry
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1 hour ago on 04/23/14 at 03:41am

It’s pronounced like katie.

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2 hours ago on 04/23/14 at 01:51am

Let flowers grow where tears have fallen


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1 day ago on 04/21/14 at 07:23am

Chaos is a ladder.

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1 day ago on 04/21/14 at 05:32am

"Is my reality different from yours?"

Melissa Short 

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2 days ago on 04/20/14 at 10:09pm

Deer girl

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2 days ago on 04/20/14 at 08:19pm

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Some guy I met a few months back. I don’t know if his little story was true, because I’m sure he had a problem with drugs, but I don’t doubt his father wasn’t an awesome guy. I bought him something to eat once we were done chatting, mainly because I didn’t want to give him actual cash in case he had a drug problem.


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2 days ago on 04/20/14 at 12:55pm

I went to see Russell Howard’s live show earlier this year, took the opportunity to sketch during the halfway interval.

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2 days ago on 04/20/14 at 09:13am

Some old eye studies. Click through and check out my art blog, www.marybowenart.tumblr.com!

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2 days ago on 04/20/14 at 07:23am

I use my Moleskine for doodling at meetings. Also, I love flowers.

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stuff on my desk…drawn in a moleskine watercolor sketchbook.  (pen and ink and marker)


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3 days ago on 04/20/14 at 03:41am