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Posted by loannes
14 hours ago on 04/15/14 at 12:55pm

in flight drawing on the way to morrocco 

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Posted by jamesbarclayuk
20 hours ago on 04/15/14 at 07:23am

Everybody has one.


Posted by brianjarrell
1 day ago on 04/15/14 at 01:51am

Resistance is Futile, Mini Moleskin doodle by VedranArt.com

Posted by vedranmisic
1 day ago on 04/14/14 at 10:09pm
Voices, pen, acrylic ink and cut text on Moleskine page

I’m really enjoying drawing skulls recently.

Woman image inspired by this stock photo.


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Posted by rachelmasseyart
1 day ago on 04/14/14 at 08:19pm

Nike LeBron 11 “Parachute Gold”

Full Sketchbook Here

Posted by realwanders
1 day ago on 04/14/14 at 04:37pm

By Erez Nusem

Posted by Erez Nusem
1 day ago on 04/14/14 at 11:04am

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Posted by spectdracula
1 day ago on 04/14/14 at 09:14am

Little friendly reminders and a doodle for the day! 

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Posted by iamspoon
1 day ago on 04/14/14 at 03:41am


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Posted by jessthechen
2 days ago on 04/14/14 at 01:51am

here’s some birds made with watercolor :)

Posted by tattooweed
2 days ago on 04/13/14 at 08:18pm

Lost my black pen halfway through so switched to blue…turned out pretty interesting!

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Original: http://anniedoodles.tumblr.com/post/82335837518/lost-my-black-pen-halfway-through-so-finished-it

Posted by annietang
4 days ago on 04/11/14 at 06:27pm

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Pages out of my diary sketchbook.

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Posted by ramandjafari
4 days ago on 04/11/14 at 12:56pm

"Thank God I’m Pretty" (inspired by emilie autumn’s satiric ditty..& this TED talk… http://amptoons.com/blog/2012/12/22/pretty-privilege-emilie-autumns-thank-god-im-pretty-and-cameron-russells-tedtalk/ )



Posted by angelusnoir
4 days ago on 04/11/14 at 07:23am