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Art blog: yohunny-art.tumblr.com

Posted by yohunny
6 hours ago on 09/30/14 at 07:23am

Horse-chestnuts sketches by Nuburu.

Posted by nuburu
17 hours ago on 09/29/14 at 08:18pm

What a nice tumblr! For my first post here’s a whale I did a few days ago experimenting with this accordeon alike moleskine.


Chicago doodles


Posted by wabagoo
1 day ago on 09/28/14 at 02:46pm

Las malvadas aventuras de Susana Cecilia - by pilyclix



Posted by pilyclix
2 days ago on 09/28/14 at 11:05am

English grocery store in Paris, YES it’s HERE !

By Romain SHTZ

and you can see more here : romainshtz.tumblr.com

Posted by romainshtz
5 days ago on 09/25/14 at 07:23am

Thru Thick & Thin" - Subway train #drawing in baby moleskine AUG - SEP 2014. It’s just one of them daysss. 

Artist: Sashalyn Medina 

Tumblr: sashalynillo.tumblr.com

Posted by sashalynillo
5 days ago on 09/25/14 at 03:41am

you can find more http://chereshnyaa.tumblr.com/ 

Posted by chereshnyaa
1 week ago on 09/23/14 at 11:05am

doodle selfie no.1

Posted by vedranmisic
1 week ago on 09/22/14 at 10:09pm

Oly Shamrik // TLV Birdie

Moleskine Embroidered Diary. Keep Your eyes wide open. 

Posted by tlvbirdie
1 week ago on 09/22/14 at 05:32am

Self portrait: the original selfie

Posted by iiwiibciinwiin
1 week ago on 09/20/14 at 09:14am

Jack Ingram’s stuff

Posted by stack-tone-static
1 week ago on 09/20/14 at 08:55am

More art by me at http://ink-bug.tumblr.com/

Posted by ink-bug
1 week ago on 09/19/14 at 12:55pm

"Should I get out ?"


A sudden idea comes when I’ve got a stress.


Posted by Hoàng WuKing
1 week ago on 09/19/14 at 11:05am

under water

karlotta freier


Posted by karlottafreier
1 week ago on 09/19/14 at 09:14am