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yin yang

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psych class doodles

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the red book : entry 42 - graphite moleskine entry
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It’s pronounced like katie.

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Let flowers grow where tears have fallen


Note To Self

"It is so easy to call people selfish. When you witness a selfish act, it is so easy to judge someone because of it. But, if you take a moment and look at yourself, you’ll see you’re no different. In one way or another, you are selfish. In more than one way, you are selfish. So, instead of silently criticizing others for being selfish, criticize yourself and work to be more selfless. When you find yourself criticizing others, check yourself, because you’re far from perfect.”

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Chaos is a ladder.

For more: http://joyinthechaos.tumblr.com/

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LA art student, more on this blog 

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the assistant’s desire


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"Is my reality different from yours?"

Melissa Short 

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